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Stamp tax value: any value accepted by a central government authority or a state government for the purpose of paying stamp duty on the land. In this case, where an appraiser asserts that the value thus assessed or assessed exceeds the fair value of the property and that the value thus assessed or valueable has not been challenged in the context of a complaint or review before a public authority or jurisdiction that the notator may refer to the appraiser. If the value of the stamp tax is Rs 50,40,000, no tax is payable since the difference does not exceed 50,000 Rs or 5% of the real estate value. If, after April 1, 2017, you purchased the house below the value of stamp duty but forgot to report the difference as income from other sources in your ITR, deposit the tax due as soon as possible on traffic jams, with interest, and request the filing of the revised tax return to the Revenue Office to avoid penalties related to tax evasion. It should be noted that the above provision applies only to non-shared Hindu families (HUF) and individuals. This allows you to discover the fair value of the 2001 stamp duty calculation if the property was acquired before April 1, 2019. If you received the property as a gift or inheritance or if you built it within a year of April 1, 2001, you can take the end settlement value to determine the fair value of the property. c) Less down payment: If there is no difference in the value of the stamp tax and the actual price, your down payment is limited to 20 percent of the real value of the real estate. 3. You only have to pay stamp duty at the market rate, even if you paid the amount for the purchase of the apartment in question, and that is what we do in Calcutta in such cases. Hello Sourabh, write to them from Canada.

Are there any isues if I sell my property in India below market value? Because it has become difficult to wait for the purchase for market value. 2) You can make in the registration copy that the agreement is made for 1 matching rupee. The chancellor has nothing to do with it, the clerk will only see the agreement on the amount of square metres of land or land mentioned and on the area from which it will be mentioned. Then he/she will find the current market rates after recknor loan and calculate stamp duty and registration fees accordingly. 2) When a buyer acquires a property at a price below the value of the current stamp duty and the difference between the price of the property that has been paid and the value of the stamp tax greater than Rs 50,000, such a difference is considered to be the buyer`s income. Sir I booked an apartment in January 2014 by paying more than 50% of the amount to get a discount in price. I recorded in December 2015. now the govt value is more than the current market value.

In addition, the value to which is reserved is the discount, since I pay more than 50% in advance. i stamp duty paid on the value of govt. But I`ll be attracted to Sec 56. I have the date of the evidence Jan 2014. In 2017, the government introduced Section 56 (2) (x) into the Income Tax Act to combat tax evasion of fair value transactions. It may therefore be possible that the difference between the value of the stamp and the actual consideration is imposed on the hands of the seller and the buyer. Sir I`m going to buy land in Noida. What circle rate is 72000/meter and the output value is 55,000/meters. I am employed my salary is 51 lakes. Please calculate how much tax I have to pay after this capital gain. By Buyer 2.

Stamp duty on the reference value of the property must be paid accordingly. „This is a welcome step and will benefit the housing sector, as there are currently more than 6.73 unsaleable lactal units in the top seven cities,“ said Anuj Puri, President of ANAROCK Property Consultants.

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