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To date, Portugal has signed double taxation agreements with South Africa, Germany, Algeria, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Korea, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Spain, United States of America, Estonia, Finland, France, Guinea-Bissau, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Mozambique, Mozambique, Panama, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Republic of Moldova, Czech Republic, Republic of Uruguay, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Timor – 30.07.2019 New agreement on double taxation between Switzerland and Zambia. With the exception of an OECD mutual assistance clause, Switzerland and Portugal have agreed that the two countries will not be able to levy a withholding tax of more than 15% on gross dividends. However, if a company holds a stake of at least 25% in the capital of the distributing company for at least two years, the dividends are exempt from the withholding tax. In addition, there will be no withholding tax on dividends paid to national banks in both countries or to pension funds. The agreement also defines the solutions contained in the agreement on the taxation of savings and royalties: interest and royalties paid to related companies (participations held for at least two years) will benefit from a zero withholding tax rate as of 1 July 2013. 20.09.2019 The Federal Council adopts messages amending double taxation agreements with Ireland and Korea Double taxation is an obstacle to trade relations and the free movement of goods, services, people and capital. The need to remove this obstacle has increased in the current context dominated by new technologies and the internet. By regulating the right of the countries concerned to collect taxes, it is possible to avoid transfers of income and capital to other countries solely for tax purposes and to strengthen relations (economic and otherwise) between the countries concerned. 20.07.2020 Switzerland and Cyprus sign a protocol to amend their double taxation convention In addition to Portuguese national regulations exempt from international double taxation, Portugal has entered into double taxation with more than 70 countries/country D to avoid double taxation and to allow cooperation between Portugal and foreign tax authorities in the application of their respective tax laws.

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