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OPTION 3: Transfer students who enter into their contract or deposit after May 1 or who do not participate in either trial are housed in available rooms in the second year. All requests for roommates or assignments can be made by sending an email to housing@ohio.edu before the assignment. After assignment, all space changes are made through the space modification process (until August 1). The University of Ohio has a two-year residency requirement. All registered students under the age of 23 with less than four university semesters (autumn/spring semesters only) must reside in university housing before the start of the semester and participate in the corresponding mandatory meal plan. All notices of payment must be received by May 1 to obtain a refund of the deposit. Payments must be sent in writing to housing@ohio.edu via the students` OHIO email account. The most important thing you can do to prepare for the first year of room selection is to check the Information from Housing and Residence Life. This page contains information that is intended to encircle the process and answer many questions. We also advise you to check regularly the information sent to your email account at Ohio University. The messages of residential and residential life will come from housing@ohio.edu.

Please note that all students who wish to stay together must have a (paid) contract to be added as roommates. Determine how many roommates you want. You can only ask for up to three other roommates. Note that there is little space on campus for first-year students who host a group of four people in a quad space. Most first-year rooms are double occupancy spaces, and we recommend choosing in a group of two for more important options during selection. The first-year rooms, mainly on West Green, have several triple rooms to choose from. For these rooms, we recommend being part of a group of three students. If you accept the terms of the contract, you also accept the quarantine or isolation agreement (link) included in this agreement by reference. The quarantine or isolation agreement applies if you have symptoms of COVID, if your roommate is waiting for a test result, if you receive a positive COVID-19 test result and/or if you are informed by the Athens County Health Department („ACCHD“) to isolate yourself or isolate yourself and live in Apartments at Ohio University and has been approved by Housing and Residence. This contract is a legally binding agreement between you („you“ or „resident“) and Ohio University in favor of the Department of Housing and Residence Life („Ohio University“). Once you have filed and signed your housing application and it is accepted by Ohio University, your housing contract is mandatory for the entire academic year (fall and spring semester or only summer) and can only be terminated in accordance with that contract. The terms and conditions of the housing contract page describe both the responsibilities of the occupier and those of Ohio University.

Students who wish to be with someone returning to their same life experience may be „attracted“ to space during this selection process. However, any student who is affected by this selection must be considered an associate roommate before the selection takes place, and his contract must be concluded and the down payment of USD 200/down payment must be paid. This contract is between you („you“ or „Resident“) and Ohio University in favor of the Ohio University or Housing and Residence Life. The application process is for residents to execute the housing application, execute the contract and pay the housing/prepayment deposit („housing deposit“). The University of Ohio must approve the housing application. After approval, Ohio University will keep your place to live in homes.

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