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The Council on Labour Relations in education has done a great job for the public education system, and in particular for educators, with the completion of collective agreement No. 2 of 2014: Quality Management System (QMS) for school-based educators. The objective of Collective Agreement No. 2 of 2014 is to create a unique framework for the delivery of workers to educators. The aim of the agreement is also to improve accountability in schools. One of the guiding principles of the agreement is that it takes into account the fact that schools are not equal and operate at different levels of performance. The MQMS measures the performance of educators based on their respective roles and responsibilities and provides a basis for choices and rewards, incentives and other salary-related benefits for the year. For any other request, please contact the ELRC Media Research – Media Manager at (012) 663-7446 / 083 384 7747 or by e-mail: BerniceL@elrc.org.za The agreement not only entails the Council`s mission to maintain peace in public education work, but also the vision of the national development plan on accountability within the system: „… Schools must be well managed by qualified and dedicated headteachers who foster a lively but disciplined environment conducive to learning. By 2030, the school system will be characterized by high-motivation students and teachers; Headteachers are effective managers who provide administrative management and curriculum … Schools are accountable to parents; Dedicated and professional teachers have a good knowledge of the subjects they teach; Schools and teachers are assisted by competent district officials.┬áThe QMS is a performance management system for school educators, which has been designed to assess the level of performance of individuals in order to achieve a high level of academic performance. The agreement ultimately aims to strengthen all stakeholder initiatives to improve the quality of learning and teaching in public schools, while recognizing and rewarding the tireless efforts of educators, achieving this ideal while restoring the image of the teaching profession as noble and revered.


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