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Owners of stud farms and dams should agree on the lifespan of the two dogs. Service goes beyond mating, studs are involved in the whole process. They should also guarantee the design and a number of puppies, take care of the female and, if necessary, help with the mating process. The mating process between the stud farm and the dam (for the purpose of breeding) is called the stud service. The owners of the stud farm will act as a lawyer for their father (using advertising, networking at performance events, etc.), so that dam owners can come forward and express your interest in the stud farm. If you are suddenly inundated with offers from dam owners, don`t be shy! There`s nothing wrong with raising your prices – if dam owners seriously on raising their mother with your stud, they will usually pay more. Popularity can be instantaneous, or it can occur gradually over time (often once dam owners can see that your stud has produced a strong range of puppies). Change your price accordingly, but be smart; Being too ambitious can lead to a loss of demand for livestock services. In this video you will find other tips on the breeding process during the dog breeding service: as a stud, you have to find a balance between marketing and service. You can`t say yes to any dam owner who shows an interest in your dog stud because the quality of service will suffer (and you`ll have a very exhausted dog!). On the other hand, you cannot be too conservative, otherwise the demands will decrease. Before you even consider stinging your dog, he must have an impeccable medical record so as not to allow the maintenance to be done at the expense of himself, the dam and the future puppies. The best way to get the attention of dam owners is to present your stud at performance events or dog shows to make sure it takes first place on the podium.

Dam owners looking for a stud farm will surely prefer a champion over a second. The more attention your stud receives, the more you can afford to have your selection of play-offs to make the most complementary match! If the farm is cancelled after the interview, no additional charge will be charged to the mother next season for a return service. The owner of the stud farm determines the number of return benefits covered by the initial tax on the galleries. It is customary for a stud farm owner to authorize two or three round-trip services at no additional cost under which the contract is terminated. The dam can then be asked to enter into a new service contract with a completely different stud farm – the conditions are variable, so that you read the service contract before signing and you understand clearly. Dam owners generally have a specific overview of the type of studs they wish to raise with their dam. Some desired properties remain the same throughout the line, for example, good health and good genealogical picture. Each stud farm should have been tested for brucellosis, a sexually transmitted disease common in dogs — and should have written evidence of a negative result. All additional clauses in the stud service contract also vary, but must be read and understood before maintenance.

These include restrictions on future litter breeding, for example, the dam owner must agree not to sell puppies to commercial traders who use the puppies exclusively for repeated breeding.

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