Go Party? Go Skafa! Go Skafa! Go Party!

In accordance with the Employment Contract Act of the People`s Republic of China, the relevant laws, regulations and directives, Part A`s activity (work) requires That Part A enter into this contract (the „contract“ or „employment contract“) with Part B, in accordance with the principles of legality, fairness, equality, free will, negotiated consensus and good faith of both parties. The working relationship between the two parties is determined by this written contract, which defines the rights and obligations of both parties. The two parties jointly comply with the terms of this contract. IN WITNESS, whose contracting parties signed and sealed this agreement as an act, but has only delivered it since its date. References to a statute must be interpreted as references to a statute as amended or enacted or amended by another statute (before or after the date of this Agreement) and include all provisions whose reactions are (with or without amendment) and include subordinate legal provisions adopted under the corresponding/corresponding/corresponding/due/due law; Contracting parties cannot denounce this agreement. B by mutual consent or in accordance with any of the provisions of this section, before the expiry of the deadline set/provided for in the part of this agreement; To the extent permitted by law, the maximum/most complete/complete scope, part1, is by no means. B responsible for the loss of business, loss of reputation, reputation or value, or any other form of indirect or consequential damage, whether negligent, breach of contract, breach of legal obligations or otherwise, regardless of a Part 2 communication on the likelihood/probability of such an indirect loss or consequence; (a) This agreement is executed in two copies for each party; Each copy of the agreement is in English and Ukrainian language and is identical in terms of meaning. The Ukrainian text z.B is a priority for the interpretation of this agreement; an attempt to choose an appropriate layout required in this section or in another part of the legal document.

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