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Establishing a terms of use contract is essential for any company that wishes to protect itself from users who may attempt to abuse or abuse your services. 10.3. Relations between the contracting parties. Notwithstanding the provisions to the contrary in this agreement or elsewhere, the parties recognize and accept that the agreement does not create a working relationship or legal partnership. Each party is an independent contractor and, under no circumstances, a legal representative or representative of the other party. You do not have the power to assume or create an obligation, explicitly or implicitly, on behalf of our licensees and our licensees or related companies. We can use third parties to deliver the service. 2.5 Use restrictions. You will not provide (a) service or use a service for the benefit of you other than you and only for your internal commercial use, unless we exist expressly in writing (b) in writing (b) in writing, sale, sale, resale, license, sublicensing, distribution, rental or rental of a service (unless we expressly agree in writing) or if a service in a service office or an outsourcing offer (c) to store or transfer harmful, defamatory or illegal or illegal material, or to store or transfer material in violation of third party data protection rights, c) use a service to store or transfer harmful materials , defamatory or illegal or illegal, or to store or import material in violation of the data protection rights of third parties, (c) to use a service to store or transfer harmful, resilient or illegal or illegal materials, or, system and/or assets, (d) compromise or disrupt the integrity or performance of a service it contains or the data of a third party it contains; (e) strive to gain unauthorized access to a service or its associated systems or networks; (f) allow direct or indirect access to a service or use of a service in a manner that circumvents a contractual limitation of use or payment method or any other restriction under this agreement, (g) copy a service or part, (i) access a service to build a competitive product or service, (j) decompile or transform the service or part of it; (k) robot , disrupt spiders, scrapers or other automated means or other similar non-interpersonal programs in connection with service or hacking or any other attempt, the proper functioning of the service or system and/or the assets used in connection with that service (l) any private or sensitive information (including through the service) that relates to a person, including information protected by data protection laws or regulations (except a user`s required business information), (m) add, obstruct, hide, modify or inseminate trademarks, logos or other business names on or related to the service. You also acknowledge and accept that under no circumstances do you receive electronically, physically or otherwise, copies of software that we have developed or conceded under the Service.

3.1. If applicable, you pay all invoice taxes listed in the order forms. Unless otherwise stated in this form or in a purchase order, the fees are based on the acquired service and not on the actual use, (ii) the payment obligations are not cancellable and the fees paid are non-refundable, and (iii) the quantities purchased cannot be reduced during the duration of the subscription.

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