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When an acceptance agreement is used for a volume enrichment plan, it must comply with the approval rules of the prototype plan. The IRS will only review the basic document and acceptance agreement under the program. Although a summary employer may include other documents as a reference in the prototype plan (for example. B, pension contracts and deposit contracts), he cannot rely on the plan`s notice of the terms of these other documents. A model plan may contain an adoption agreement, but does not need an agreement. If the volume enrichment plan is to contain an acceptance agreement and more than one adoption agreement with the model can be used, each pair of plan and adoption agreement models is considered a separate volume bid plan of 403 (b) and requires a separate application under the program. There are advantages to saying goodbye very early. A plan 403 (b) is required to operate in accordance with IRS requirements, although the plan document has not yet been amended to reflect these requirements. In order to avoid any confusion that may arise when the rules under which the plan is to be implemented deviate from the rules set out in the plan document, an employer generally wishes to use the approved document as quickly as possible. Although a basic document containing more than one adoption agreement can be used, an acceptance agreement with a single basic plan document can be used. Each pair of basic plan and adoption documents is considered a separate 403 (b) prototype plan, even though there are several investment or lender agreements under the plan, and requires separate application under the pre-adopted 403 (b) planning program).

For example, a prototype plan 403 (b) that allows the employer to agree (in the adoption agreement) to choose a method of allocating ineligible employer contributions, which is not a safe haven based on the design of Section 401 (a) (4) of the IRC. A prototype plan (standardized or non-standardized) takes the form of a basic plan document and an adoption agreement. The basic document contains all the provisions that are the same for all employers.

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