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This Agreement, together with the following documents and contained in this context, constitute, with all the additions signed by the parties, the comprehensive agreement reached between UNHCRSS and the Client with respect to the products, support and other elements of this Agreement, and can only be amended by a written amendment or a supplement signed by UNHCRSS and the Client. No staff member, representative or representative of UNHCRSS or a client is allowed to attach it to the other with respect to a statement, insurance, guarantee or other expression, unless it is expressly included in the express terms and conditions of this agreement or in a written addition signed by both UNHCRSS and the client. All orders, prior agreements, declarations, declarations, proposals, negotiations, agreements and commitments relating to the purpose of this agreement are replaced by this agreement. In the scope of the conflicts between this agreement and its exposed objects, this agreement is a priority. 6. ADP and AppDirect are third parties to the conditions described above and each has the right to apply these conditions as if each of the parties to the agreement were a party. 4. The only and exclusive corrective actions of the client and the end user are directed against the developer. ADP and AppDirect assume no responsibility to customers or end-users.

5. Customers and end-users (i) do not decompile or decompile the ADP Marketplace or take other action; to discover the source code or underlying ideas or algorithms of components, (ii) copy the ADP Marketplace, (iii) publish, publish or create derivative works based on the ADP Marketplace, or (iv) remove author, trademarks or service names, brand names and others from the ADP Marketplace or others. Choose another language and continue to read other reviews. No party has the right to withdraw from this agreement or any of its respective rights or obligations, unless it has given written consent to the other party prior to that transfer, that consent is not unduly accepted. Permission is not required if all or most of the party`s assets have been acquired by another entity, provided that the surviving entity is obliged to accept compliance with the terms and limitations of this agreement. Any assignment contrary to this section is cancelled. UNHCRSS provides products, support and services under this agreement as an independent contractor, and its staff is not considered a staff member or client representative. Neither party sought, directly or indirectly, through a third party, the services or employment of a staff member or representative of the other party during the duration of this agreement. For these purposes, the use of untargeted advertisements is not considered a direct or indirect invitation.

„UNHCRSS Measurement Center,“ the sites from which monitoring systems launch testing and measurement requests. „Outage (s) “ a period (without scheduled maintenance) during which core services do not meet a testing and measurement requirement initiated by a UNHCRSS measurement centre. The „monitoring system“ refers to a software system that simulates the client requesting access to core services by attempting to access a customer URL, waiting for a response, and then creating a data set to find out if core services have met the customer`s requirements. Instead, in the interview, it was described as a position in customer service/distribution. Unfortunately, we would call customers who have had problems and are trying to sell them to other wage and trade products.

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