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Do not take your kit to the Home Depot to replace batteries or chargers, call 1-877-655-5346. You can do tests and exchanges over the phone. In my case, I tried several times to save the multi-tool ridgid,.. Every time he comes back, because he is not able to be deported. For three of these times,.. I took the tool back to H.D. and I returned it and I bought another.. New receipt plus the new serial number should fix everything. right. Hell No.

,.. I told the director of H.D. exactly what happened. Just for humor, I just sent my last receipt. If I don`t hear anything in 3 or 4 weeks. I`ll return the tool again. I`m really tired of this. The people of H.D. are always friendly because I spend a lot of money there.

So they will do whatever it takes to help me get a guarantee. I should have read until the end of this forum before submitting my previous comment on my experience with the Ridgid warranty service. Add two points: 1. In Canada, HD not with Ridgid guarantees – so you are required to go to an independent „Ridgid Authorized Service Center“. These can and do change. And since hd doesn`t really have a warranty responsibility, they can get away with telling you just about anything. 2. From what I`ve read, there`s no point in me spending time looking for my receipt for my now dead store — it was a display model and it arrived without a box. I asked and was told by the HD that it was covered by the warranty (and my recollection was „for life“). Did I say two points? – Just at the beginning. What is the legal difference between a „life guarantee“ and a „life benefit contract“? When I bought my tools, they would have been covered by a lifetime warranty, and I have the literature that goes with it to support that.

Finally, why don`t battery tool manufacturers just sell spare batteries at a reasonable price? Why can I buy a drill (Dewalt) with two batteries for less than a spare battery? If a serialized device is never replaced without LSA status, the 3-year warranty period for the replacement device begins from the original purchase date and not from the replacement date. Note that, for this reason, the serial number of a replacement device cannot be used to verify the warranty. For batteries and chargers, if the receipt is not available and the series battery/charger code differs from the tool console for more than 12 weeks, the battery/charger has not been sold with the console and the origin of the battery/charger cannot be verified. In this case, the series code of the tool should be used to check the warranty, NOT the battery code/series charger. Note that the replacement of all batteries and accessory chargers must have a receipt to check the status of the warranty, as these items are not sold with a tool console in a kit. I was suspicious of Ridgid`s guarantee and I`m staying that way.

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