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Letter of Acknowledgement is influential in helping individuals and businesses build healthy business relationships. A confirmation letter is a receipt in the form of a formal letter confirming receipt of the document or shipment. They are usually short and are mainly used to confirm certain documents or goods that were legally obtained on a given date. A confirmation is a document sent to another party to confirm or verify certain facts. In some companies, it is routine to send a confirmation (for example. B travel agencies or hotels to confirm names and booking dates). These confirmations are usually made by e-mail or telephone. In addition, it is also useful to send a confirmation to other parties after an agreement or agreement has been concluded. A student may write a letter of recognition for a project or dissertation that he/she has submitted to show recognition to all those who have helped him/her in one way or another for research and work or for his/her contribution to the project.

This letter confirms the support received during the work on the project. It is not necessary to thank people for general help, but for special help or assistance given during the execution of that particular mission. When a student completes an academic report and submits it to the university for evaluation; The university also issues a letter confirming the project report that the student has submitted…

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