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Many teachers have to pay to continue enrolling until 2021. The advice in this memo also states, with respect to the flexible teaching pool (FTP or former „PRT“) teachers, that: employees with FTP status are not able to request transfers as part of this process. The AEU recently celebrated an excellent result for two of our members with regard to their transfer requests. These two members had been informed by the DoE that they were not entitled to request a transfer because they had not completed the necessary years of eligible service at their workplace. The AEU has investigated the matter. These members have both taught in Category B schools. Under the Teacher Transfer Agreement, a staff member of a Category B school may count any temporary or flexible employment of a teaching pool in that school on his or her legitimate service. The AEU has written to the DoE on behalf of these members requesting that the special clause of the agreement apply in both cases. The DoE accepted the transfer requests of both members and reinstated them. It was a great result for both members.

At some point in their careers, most teachers will see the transfer process. There are a number of procedures and requirements related to a teacher`s ability to submit an application for transfer from one job to another. One of them is the requirement of the eligible service, which relates to the number of years of work. If you are applying for a transfer and are unsure of the requirements or are unsure of a DoE decision regarding your transfer request, please contact your union for support and information at 1800 001 313 or 1800 001 313 or under support@aeutas.org.au We do not consider this consultation to be strictly correct, because there are provisions of the teacher transfer agreement for teachers and others. who may have had uninterrupted service time, either as 2 or as a fixed/flexible/permanent teaching pool, to be able to access an authorized transfer. This is the case for schools at levels D, C and B under the agreement. The Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania (TRB) is responsible for registering teachers for all schools, colleges and TasTAFE in Tastafe. The important reasoning in this regard is that 3 years of continuous employment as part of the annual level D processes (isolated); 4 years of continuous employment for level D (remote); and 6 years of continuous employment for level B (difficult to fill urban) should mean that an FTP or permanent teacher, regardless of the type of an old part of his or her continuous service, can be transferred….

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