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But what are they? In today`s article, we see seven of the most popular discount examples that are often used by the most successful B2B organizations today – all of which can be tracked and calculated in real time with e-bate`s discount management software. In any case, you would charge £100 per unit to the buyer. At the end of the agreed period, you measure the buyer`s actual purchases and give a discount on the volume-based calculation described in the table above. So, if the total amount of sales was 750 units, the discount of 750 x £4.00 = £3,000. No matter how you decide to use them, buy X get free discounts Y can be staggered. I go through the seven most popular B2B discounts with examples for each. #purchasing #procurementmanager #procurement #supplychainmanagement #supplychainplanning #supplychain This is a variation of the FOC discount at the product level that you may find useful, for example, for end-of-life sales promotions – for example, when an older version of a product expires to be replaced by a new version. While you can of course try to use additional volume-based discounts to send your balance to your regular buyers as much as possible, you can also use buy X get Y free discounts as a strategy to send your excess to other buyers who wouldn`t normally have purchased the product line. Do you want to know more about the different types of discount offers? In our blog post on pricing strategies, we looked at the top 7 types of discount offers. Discount agreements usually indicate which products, sites, and types of transactions are included.

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